Dreaming of Spring!

Pink peonies from my spring garden.

Virginia was beautiful today, blanketed in frosty snow and made more lively by the excited laughter of children sledding and playing in the snow. As beautiful as the scene was I could not help yearning for the color explosion of spring. The sweet smell of jasmine, the impossible beauty of peonies, the fragility of my Beverly Sills Iris, and the architectural splendor of acanthus plants unfurling their majestic leaves that inspired the Corinthian order of architecture. I'm sure many of you have had similar daydreams so here are a few visual reminders of the glory of spring!

Lady Banks Roses on my garden wall

Lady Banks Roses are the glory of my garden for a few weeks each spring. Hundreds of lemon yellow puffs entreat one to touch.

Bleeding hearts

Bleeding Hearts always seem too perfect, too beautiful to be real, but each year they remind us of love and the fresh glory of pink!


Peonies are my favorite large flower. For me no flower has a more intoxicating fragrance nor a more spectacular bloom. That said, I've never met a flower I hated. Flowers are an elegant reminder of the renewal of life, to experience them is to know joy. I wish you all a beautiful Spring!!

Primrose, my favorite small flower.