Gary Inman… a Celebrated Designer, Tastemaker, Trend Setter, Writer, Speaker, and World Traveler.

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Nationally recognized for his erudite designs that embody innovation and the best of the past, Gary Inman has successfully merged his lifelong appreciation of beauty with his scholarly understanding of architecture and antiquities. He is an award-winning designer, author, and professional speaker whose work has been published in Verandah, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, The Washington Post, Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Hotel Design, Home & Design and many others. Inman serves as a national spokesperson for ASID; is a board member of Southern Innkeepers, America’s oldest lodging association; and has contributed to several books, most recently writing the introduction for, Bespoke: Furniture from 101 International Artists. He is a pioneer of the narrative design movement with a prolific portfolio of projects richly imbued with stories.

Mr. Inman is the creator and editor of The Art of Fine Living, a blog that advocates design as an essential element of the well-lived life. Inman has appeared on the successful A&E series America’s Castles and the PBS series Mansions and Monuments as well as the Design Life Network, Editor-At-Large, High Point Market TV, and Ellen Geffen as well as several radio broadcasts.

Interior design has been Mr. Inman’s primary focus, but he began his career as a fashion designer, envisioning women’s evening wear for a successful seventh-avenue fashion house. His design métier has included handbags, rugs, textiles, lighting, and a growing collection of furniture designs under the brand Gary Inman Home Couture, which met with critical acclaim at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina. Mr. Inman views his role as a professor of design history at the School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, and his mentorship of young designers as his greatest accomplishment.  

Gary’s earliest memories are of beautiful textiles, well–appointed rooms, colorful gardens and a pastoral landscape. Under the tutelage of his grandmother, he came first to appreciate and later aspired to create beauty. Architecture became not merely a collection of unique edifices but rather vital sustainers of comfort and culture, the settings in which the rituals of life are acted out. Gary came to realize that design, in all its multifaceted forms, was at its core an endeavor to enhance and improve the human condition.

As a designer Gary has sought to create textiles, furniture, and spaces that transcend mere style or trends and instead embody the qualities of harmony, cultural memory, and beauty that make for a sustainable work of art. Nevertheless, he is constantly reminded that while transcendent values are important, it is the basic human need for comfort and joy that remains paramount. Using a palette of space, mass, color, texture and pattern he strives to enrich the lives of his clients while making their world more beautiful.

The foundations of his practice come from a dynamic interaction with and ultimately an understanding of his  clients. He adds to this his knowledge of historic design solutions garnered from post-graduate degrees in art history and architectural history, an appreciation of fine craftsmanship and lessons learned over more than two decades of practice in creating what he hopes are enduring and uplifting architectural spaces.